You are currently viewing SUFFERING FROM HAIR FALL? FIND OUT WHY?


YOU ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH PROTEIN: Hair growth may shut down after a drop in protein intake.

IT’S IN YOUR GENES: Heredity plays a part in both male and female pattern hair loss.

YOU JUST HAD A BABY: Hormonal changes after delivery often lead to hair loss.

YOU JUST WENT OFF THE PILL: Switching or stopping birth control pill changes your hormonal balance.

YOU HAVE HAD A PHYSICAL TRAUMA: Surgery, illness or other physical stress can cause temporary hair loss.

YOU ARE UNDERGOING A STRESS: Psychologically stressful event can trigger hair loss.

YOU LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT: Sudden weight loss can stress your body.

YOU ARE OVERSTYLING YOUR HAIR: Tight braids, harsh chemicals, high heat can affect hair at the roots.

YOU ARE ANEMIC: Increasing your iron intake can correct your problem.

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