Anti-Ageing Treatments in Chandigarh

Skin Tightening Treatments in Chandigarh

Anti-aging Is The Art Of Cosmetic Medicine Combined With Medical Science.

Age Is A State Of Mind. Aging Is A Treatable Condition. People who possess unwavering self-confidence are always the most attractive, beautiful and captivating. A person’s self-confidence can often be dramatically improved with the smallest change in their appearance. We achieve this by giving our patients the gift of fuller lips, a slimmer jawline, reduced wrinkles, smoother skin, decreased acne scarring, reduced pockets of unwanted fat, and various other anti-aging or beauty-enhancing treatments. These subtle improvements and enhancements make all the difference in our patients’ self-confidence.

We are proud to offer our patients the most cutting edge procedures and facilities, combined with preeminent surgeons and specialists, each with a track record more impressive than the last. When it comes to warding off the unwanted signs of aging, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dr. Neetika Paul

Dr. Neetika Paul is a distinguished and respectable name in the field of Dermatology. To trace her qualification credentials, she has done her MBBS and M.D. in Dermatology from the Prestigious and renowned PGI(Postgraduate institute of medical sciences) Rohtak Followed by an exhaustive and professionally fulfilling fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology ,Lasers, Botox, Fillers and Advanced Aesthetics from DJPIMAC(MUMBAI).Then she went in for an ADVANCED TRAINING in BOTOX AND FILLERS in GENT ,BELGIUM(EUROPE).

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