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As well as an effective skincare routine, one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy is a healthy diet. However, there are certain superfoods that studies suggest are more effective at this than others. So, to make this easier for you we have compiled our top 10 superfoods for a clear complexion:

Dark Berries: Not only are berries a delicious snack, but they are full of your skin’s best friend – antioxidants.

Nuts and Seeds: The vitamin E, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium and calcium that can be found in nuts and seeds is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. Studies also suggest that acne could be linked to deficiencies in zinc and selenium, meaning that these tasty snacks should be in all acne sufferer’s lunch boxes.

Beetroot: Minerals such as potassium, sodium, vitamin A and magnesium make beetroot a fantastic food for the cleansing of the body, helping to eliminate toxins and improve the skin’s complexion.

Red Grapes: Again, another food that is jam-packed full of antioxidants, helping to improve the symptoms of many skin conditions such as eczema.

Legumes: Peas, beans and lentils all contain enormous amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre. As well as improving the condition of skin, this also aids the body’s natural digestion and detoxification – what is not to love?

Kale: This incredible superfood contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals such as iron, protein, vitamins A, B compact, C, E and K making it one of the best vegetables out there to clear the skin.

Avocado: You didn’t really think we were going to forget this famous fruit did you? As well as being a great source of vitamin E, avocados also contain vitamin C which has been linked to the reduction of skin inflammation. The natural oils that exist in the fruit are also thought to stimulate the skin’s collagen levels, improve its tone, its texture and also its moisturisation

Garlic: Garlic is full of a naturally occurring chemical called Allicin. When digested, Allicin kills off many harmful bacteria and viruses – even those responsible for acne! As well as this garlic contains large amounts of antioxidants, making it one of the most effective (and tasty) foods for keeping your skin healthy.

Green tea: Need we say any more?

Salmon: The high protein levels in salmon and many other cold water fish, make it a fantastic food for speeding up the skin’s healing process.

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