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For many women, pregnancy isn’t as smooth as it is for others.

As pregnancy progresses, the skin stretches and tightens. This leads to dryness and itching on the skin.  Pregnancy itching can actually play havoc on your skin.

Sometimes you cannot prevent hormone induced rashes on the skin but can soothe the skin using:

·       Some ice on the body to cool the skin.

·       Applying calamine lotion.

·       Using Aloevera on skin.

·       Moisturizing and applying oatmeal paste on the body.

·       Using humidifier in your room if it’s too dry.

·       Taking lukewarm water bath (as hot water makes skin more dry).

·       Using mild fragrance free soaps.

Most skin rashes disappear after your delivery. Sometimes it stays for upto 3 months before it disappears.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for every women. Don’t let these little rashes disturb you. Consult a dermatologist if you experience persistent and severe itching and simple home remedies don’t seem to work for you as it could be due to an underlying liver problem.

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