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Women, unlike men, do not expect to lose their hair, so when it happens it can cause immense trauma. Several factors can be responsible for causing bald patches along with thinning of hairline.
Some of the biggest contributors to hair loss in women include pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, use of some types of birth control pills and genetics.

Less common causes of hair loss in women include excessive stress, alopecia areata (autoimmune condition), infections that affects both men and women.

Treatment options include 
Topicals including Minoxidil, Tinctures, peptides etc
Oral Supplements containing Biotin, Calcium pantothenate etc. 
Procedures like mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma etc  
The treatment is tailor made according to underlying causes and deficiency if any. 
At SKIN & SCULPT Skin and hair Clinic we know how to get back your lost volume.